Family Sharing

Why can't I share my subscription using Family Sharing?

In order to share a subscription with your family members, please make sure Apple’s Family Sharing feature is activated for purchased apps. Please click this link for more instructions.

If Family Sharing is enabled but you cannot share Ulysses, this is probably an unfortunate quirk in the transition from our old app (Ulysses Mobile) to our new app (Ulysses Writing App).

A little background: We recently introduced a new Ulysses app that allows for a single purchase to unlock the app on all devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad). Before, Ulysses would manually sync your purchase, which caused some issues.


Please check which Ulysses app you subscribed with by opening your Subscription settings in the App Store. Your Ulysses subscription is either called “Ulysses Mobile” or “Ulysses Writing App”. Select your subscription below:

Ulysses Mobile

If you are subscribed with Ulysses Mobile, please proceed as follows:

  1. Cancel your current subscription.
  2. Contact us via email and provide us with the purchase receipt. We'll then send you a free use code for your family member.
  3. Once the subscription has expired, download the new Ulysses app in the App Store. Afterward, you should be able to share the new subscription with your family.

Ulysses Writing App

If you are subscribed with Ulysses Writing App, contact us via email so we can take a closer look at this issue.



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