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When working on large projects, it is a good idea to split your text into handy chunks. That way it is a lot easier to oversee the whole of your work and rearrange the order of its various parts when necessary. Splitting is done in no time with Ulysses, and merging several sheets into one is just as easy. You can also glue several sheets to make them behave as if they were one during export. 

Please note: Glued sheets are actually two separate sheets, they only behave as if they were one. That’s why gluing is only available when the group’s sorting is set to manual. If you sort the sheets of a group per title or date, glued sheets will arrange in order, so you can’t see if they’re glued.

On Mac

You may have run into this situation before: you’ve started to write a chapter or a scene, but as it grows and grows, you decide to divide it and create a new one.

You can simply right-click in the editor where you’d like to divide your sheet and select “Split Here…” from the context menu. This will automatically create two new sheets out of your old one, which will be glued together.

Screenshot of two glued sheets in Ulysses for Mac

Glued sheets are shown in light-blue in the sheet list. When selecting one of them, all are shown in the editor. They will also be exported together. You can unglue your sheets too, select the ones you’d like to unglue and right-click on your selection. Then choose “Unglue…” from the context menu, and you’re done.

You can merge sheets as well, first go to your sheet list and hold (shift). Then select the sheets in question and right-click them. This will bring up the context menu, choose “Merge…” and they will be joined together. 

On iOS

Splitting, merging and gluing also work fine on iOS, much in the same way as on Mac. 

To split a sheet, long-tap in the editor where you’d like to split it, select “Action...” and then “Split Here”.

To merge or glue your sheets, go to the sheet list, open the sheet list menu via the circled ellipsis top right, choose “Select Sheets…”, and mark the sheets you’d like to glue or merge. Then tap More (circled ellipsis) top left and select the respective action.

Glued sheets are shown with a blue bar on the left of the sheet list, and they will be exported together. To unglue sheets, touch and hold one of the glued sheets, and choose “Unglue Sheets”.

This article was last updated on October 14, 2020.

Split, Merge, Glue

Divide a long text into pieces, merge several sections into one, or glue parts together