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Many writing tasks start with some research and information gathering on the web. Thanks to the share extension you can send texts, links, and images directly to Ulysses. This option is available in many different apps, mostly via a share button, but sometimes also via the context menu.

Sharing is easy as pie: Select the content you want to share, execute the Share command (via a toolbar button or a context menu), then choose Ulysses from the list of apps. This will open a share sheet where you can add notes or a description, or edit the text directly. Moreover, you can select the Ulysses group to which the content should be sent. By default, this will be the inbox. If you happen to maintain a group for novel research material, you can send your findings directly to there. Tap or click Send, and the content will be added as a new Ulysses sheet to the group you selected.

Let’s have a closer look at how to send content to Ulysses on your different devices.

Sharing on iPad and iPhone

To share a link from Safari, use the Share button in the toolbar at the bottom (1). If you would like to share a text snippet, select the desired text and choose “Share...” from the pop-up menu (2). In the Photos app, you’ll find the Share button in the toolbar at the bottom as well (3). Just as you would share a photo in a chat, you can send it directly to Ulysses.

Now you’ll be able to choose from a number of apps to share with. Only when you share to Ulysses for the first time, you’ll need to activate it first: Tap the button and toggle Ulysses.

After you have chosen Ulysses as your sharing destination, adapt the content in the share sheet, and select a Ulysses group. When you’re done, tap Send.

Sharing on Mac

In Safari and Photos on Mac, you’ll find the Share button top right in the toolbar. 


In Safari (and many other apps), you can also select text or an image, then right-click and select “Share...” from the context menu.

If you haven’t shared anything to Ulysses before, you’ll need to activate the option at first. To do this, click on “More...” and toggle the Ulysses extension.

You’re ready to go. Select Ulysses as sharing destination, edit the content in the share sheet if need be, and click Send.

If you get back to Ulysses, no matter on which device, your content will be right there, ready for you to work with it.

This article was last updated on September 28, 2018.

Share Extension

Send links, texts, and images from Safari and many other apps directly to Ulysses.