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With Quick Open, you can search your entire text library within seconds, and instantly open a sheet for editing — you don’t need to navigate through your group hierarchies. Sounds like a small thing? Hey, if you only save 10 seconds per sheet thanks to Quick Open, and you’re looking for six sheets per day for the next 30 years, this sums up to 8 days in total! You could spend this time on vacation or use to write a short story, for example.

Screenshot of an iPhone Homescreen in landscape mode. The Ulysses icon has been 3D-touched, revealing the options “Share Ulysses”, “Last 7 Days”, “Favorites”, “Quick Open” and “New Sheet”. “Quick Open” has been highlighted.

On Mac

When working on a Mac, all you need to do is memorize the following shortcut:

⌘O (command-O like Open) 

This will open a panel where Ulysses displays your most recently edited sheets on top. You can narrow down the results by entering a search term. This can be a word or phrase either contained in a text, group title, or file name (if saved in Dropbox).

Screenshot of Ulysses for Mac. Quick Open has been opened and “end of the world” has been entered. There are two matching sheets, the first one has been selected.

Found your sheet? Hit open and instantly start editing.

Per default, Ulysses will search your entire library. This should be enough in most cases. To limit your search to the current section (e.g., iCloud, On My Mac, or Dropbox), use ⇧⌘O (shift-command-O); to search the current group, type ⌥⌘O (alt-command-O). Alternatively, you can select all of these options from the menu (“File › Open From”).

On iPad or iPhone

On iPad or iPhone, evoke Quick Open by tapping the circled loupe icon:

Two screenshots of Ulysses for iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone, Quick Open has been highlighted in the bottom left of the Library, on the iPad, Quick Open has been highlighted in the top left of the sheet list.

If you own a 3D Touch-ready iPhone, you can also tap and hold the Ulysses icon (force touch) on your home screen.

If you want to limit your search scope to your current section or your current group, swipe downwards on the search results displayed in the Quick Open panel and switch to the respective option.

Screenshot of Ulysses for iPad. Quick Open has been opened and “salt” has been entered. The search scope has been set to “iCloud” and there are at least 7 results visible.

Now tap the sheet in question to open it. And that’s it! You can start editing.

This article was last updated on June 25, 2018.

Quick Open

Search your entire text library within seconds, and instantly open a sheet for editing