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Is there a handful of sheets meaning a lot to you, and you really don’t want to spend your time searching for them in your group hierarchy? Well, mark them as favorites. They’re going to appear in a group of that name in your topmost library section. Just tap or click for direct access.

You don’t see the Favorites group in your library? That’s because there are none yet – the section will not be displayed until you favored your first sheet. Here is how that works:

  • On Mac: In the sheet list, right-click the sheet and select “Add to Favorites” from the context menu.

Screenshot of Ulysses for Mac. The context menu of a sheet in the sheet list is visible, the first menu item “Add to Favorites” has been highlighted.

  • On iPad/iPhone: Touch and hold a sheet and select Favorite.

The sheet’s new status will be indicated by a little star icon in the sheet list. Once the Favorites section has appeared in your library, you can also drag your sheets there to add them (Mac and iPad only).

Are you working on Mac or with an external keyboard plugged into your iPad or iPhone? Then you can always hit the shortcut ⌘5 (command-5) to instantly bring up Favorites and get back to the last selected sheet.

Favorites can be edited right there, just as usual, but remain stored in their original group. To work on a favorite sheet in its original context, right-click(Mac) or touch and hold (iOS/iPadOS) it to open its context menu, and select “Reveal in Group”.

True love knows no bounds – you can mark sheets stored in all library sections as Favorites, no matter if it is iCloud, On My Mac/iPad/iPhone, or Dropbox/External Folders. 

You can have as many favorites as you want: Unlike human relations, they do not require your attention, and they’re also not jealous. And if, for whatever reason, a sheet lost your affection, don’t hesitate to remove it from Favorites (context menu or swipe to right) – it won’t make waves, but will instead calmly retire into the group where it came from.

This article was last updated on October 15, 2020.


Mark important sheets as favorites and access them quickly