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WordPress: Missing Encryption

When you see the following error message, Ulysses can’t log in to your blog securely:


When connecting to your WordPress blog, Ulysses needs to login first. In order to do so, it needs to send your username and password there. It does so by encrypting your connection, otherwise a potential attacker will be able to read your login credentials. Should you see this error, your website won't be albe to establish an encrypted connection. You can actually decide to connect to your blog without securing your connection, but this will mean it is relatively easy to intercept your username and password. Because of the risks this poses, we strongly recommend you to use encryption for your connection. 

Steps to Be Taken

To communicate securely with your blog, it must be hosted on a server supporting HTTPS. If you are using a hosting service for your blog, please contact the technical support for further assistance. If your blog is on a self-hosted server, you need to set up an SSL certificate. You can obtain these for free from LetsEncrypt. This service will help you in generating a certificate and installing it on your web server. 

Should you decide to sign in to your blog without using encryption anyway, you may still encrypt your connection at a later moment. Please note that you will have to delete your existing account in Ulysses and set it up again to enable encryption though. In order to do so, please follow the steps provided in our tutorialfor more information on that.