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Setapp is a software subscription service which includes Ulysses and over 190 other macOS and iOS apps. All apps in the Setapp Store are fully functional, without any limitations or in-app purchases. You can read all about Setapp on their website.

I have a Setapp subscription. How can I install and activate Ulysses on my iPhone/iPad?

In order to use Ulysses on your iPhone/iPad via Setapp, you must register your mobile device as an additional device on your plan. Once you’ve done that, you can check out the iOS/iPadOS versions of Ulysses that appear in the “Available on iOS“ category section of the Setapp store. For more information, please check Setapp’s help section.

Currently, I have a Setapp subscription but I'm thinking about subscribing to Ulysses via the App Store. What happens to my sheets and groups if I switch?

By default, the Setapp version uses the exact same library as our subscription version. All sheets and groups stored in the “iCloud“ and in the “On My Mac/iPad/iPhone” section will appear automatically. However, in order for Ulysses to sync your sheets across the devices, you need to be logged in with the same iCloud account.