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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help to speed up your workflow. Many people prefer to use them for frequent commands rather than clicking through menus. On iOS devices, external keyboards give you more room on the display for your text and allow you to operate large parts of the app with a number of functional keyboard shortcuts. Changes made in the latest release are highlighted in yellow.

Which shortcuts can I use in Ulysses on my Mac?

Check out the following cheat sheets to get an overview of the macOS shortcuts.

Sheet and Group Handling
New Sheet: ⌘N
New Group: ⇧⌘N
New Filter: ⌃⌘N
New Window: ⌥⌘N
Open from Library: ⌘O 
Open from Current Section: ⇧⌘O
Open from Current Group: ⌥⌘O
Select Previous Sheet: ⌥⌘↑
Select Next Sheet: ⌥⌘↓
Reveal Sheet in Group: ⌘↩
Add Sheet to Favorites: ⌃⌘U
Show/Hide Favorites: ⇧⌘U
Save Version: ⌘S
Duplicate Sheet: ⌘D
Move Sheet/Group to Trash: ⌘⌫
Erase Sheet/Group: ⌥⌘⌫
Glue/Unglue Sheets: ⌘J
Force Copy Sheet/Group: ⌥Drag
Force Move Sheet/Group: ⌘Drag
Copy x-callback-url: ⌘C

Smart Paste: ⇧⌘V
Copy as Markdown: ⌥⌘C
Paste as Plain Text: ⌥⇧⌘V
Paste from Markdown: ⌥⌘V
Move Paragraph One Line Up: ⌃⌘↑
Move Paragraph One Line Down: ⌃⌘↓
Split at Selection: ⇧⌘B
Export Preview: ⇧⌘P
Refresh Export Preview: ⌘R
Print Editor View: ⌘P
Search in Sheet List: ⇧⌘F
Show Find Panel: ⌘F
Show Find and Replace: ⌥⌘F
Jump To Next/Previous Match: ⌘G / ⇧⌘G 
Show Spelling and Grammar: ⌘: 
Start Dictation: fn fn
Emoji & Symbols: ⌃⌘Space
Insert Line Break: ⇧↩ or ⌃↩
Syntax Selection in Code Block: ⌘↩
End Smart List/Code Block: ⌥↩
Move Focus to Sheet: ⌘← ⌘←

Increase Heading Level: ⌘# or ⌘\
Decrease Heading Level: ⇧⌘# or ⇧⌘\
Mark as Strong: ⌘B
Mark as Emphasis: ⌘I
Mark as Link: ⌘K
Clear Markup in Selection: ⌘L

Enable/Disable Typewriter Mode: ⌥⌘T
Show/Hide Library: ⌘1
Show/Hide Sheet List: ⌘2
Show Editor: ⌘3
Show/Hide Dashboard: ⌘4
Show/Hide Quick Export Panel: ⌘6
Show/Hide Statistics Panel: ⌘7
Show/Hide Navigation Panel: ⌘8
Show/Hide Markup Panel: ⌘9
Open Overview in Dashboard: ⌃⌘1
Open Progress in Dashboard: ⌃⌘2
Open Outline in Dashboard: ⌃⌘3
Open Annotations in Dashboard: ⌃⌘4
Open Attachments in Dashboard: ⌃⌘5
Jump to Keywords Section: ⇧⌘K
Default Text Zoom Level: ⌘0
Increase Text Zoom Level: ⌘+
Decrease Text Zoom Level: ⌘-
Toggle Light/Dark Mode: ⌥⌘L
Toggle Light/Dark Theme: ⌥⌘X
Step-Through Views: ⌥⌘←/⌥⌘→
Step-Through Dashboard Sections: ⌃⌘ ←/⌃⌘→

Window Management
Minimize Window: ⌘M
Enter/Exit Full Screen: ⌃⌘F
Zoom Window: ⌃⌘Z

One Shortcut to Find Them All 
Search for Menu Actions: ⇧⌘/

Can I use these shortcuts on my iOS/iPadOS device as well?

Most of these shortcuts are identical on both platforms, but there are still a few exclusive to Mac and to iOS/iPadOS. Here are the shortcuts for your mobile devices:

Show/Hide Library: ⌘1
Show/Hide Sheet List: ⌘2
Show/Hide Editor: ⌘3
Show/Hide Attachments: ⌘4
Show/Hide Quick Export: ⌘6
Go to Keywords: ⇧⌘K
Switch Between Light/Dark Mode: ⌥⌘L
Step-Through Views: ⌥⌘← / ⌥⌘→
Step-Through Dashboard Sections: ⌃⌘ ←/ ⌃⌘→
Enable/Disable Typewriter Mode: ⌥⌘T

Sheet and Group Handling
New Sheet: ⌘N
New Group⇧: ⌘N
New Filter: ⌃⌘N
Quick Open: ⌘O
Previous Sheet/Group: ⌥⌘↑
Next Sheet/Group: ⌥⌘↓
Begin/End Editing: ⌘↩
Add to Favorites: ⌘D
Show/Hide Favorites: ⇧⌘D
Copy x-callback-url: ⌃⌥⌘C

Jump to Start/End of Line: ⌘← / ⌘→
Jump to Start/End of Sheet: ⌘↑ / ⌘↓
Jump to Start/End of Paragraph: ⌥↑ / ⌥↓
Jump to Previous/Next Word: ⌥← / ⌥→
Select Text: ⇧→ or ⇧← or ⇧ and one of the shortcuts above
Smart Copy: ⇧⌘C
Smart Paste: ⇧⌘V
Copy as Markdown: ⌥⌘C
Paste as Plain Text: ⌥⇧⌘V
Paste from Markdown: ⌥⌘V
Move Line Up/Down: ⌃⌘↑ / ⌃⌘↓
Split at Selection: ⇧⌘B
Delete Word/Line: ⌥⌫ / ⌘⌫
Indent/Outdent Paragraph: ⇥ / ⇧⇥
Undo/Redo: ⌘Z / ⇧⌘Z
Insert Line Break: ⇧↩ or ⌃↩
Insert Non-breaking Space: ⌥Space
Split Sheet: ⇧⌘B
Show Statistics: ⌘7
Open Search: ⌘F
Jump to Next/Previous Match: ⌘G / ⇧⌘G

Increase Heading Level: ⌘# or ⌘\
Decrease Heading Level: ⇧⌘# or ⇧⌘\
Mark as Strong: ⌘B
Mark as Emphasis: ⌘I 
Mark as Link: ⌘K
Clear Markup: ⌘L

Export Preview
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