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How Can I Adjust the Font Size of a PDF/DOCX Document?
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How Can I Adjust the Font Size of a PDF/DOCX Document?

Ulysses distinguishes between writing the text itself and formatting it during export to provide a distraction-free environment.

In order to change the font size of your exported document, you'll have to modify the export style. This article explains how to adjust the font size of a PDF/DOCX document.

On Mac

  1. Go to the menu item Ulysses and select Settings…

  2. Switch to Styles and choose a style from the PDF/DOCX section, e.g. Swiss Knife

  3. Right-click on the stylesheet and select Duplicate

  4. Right-click the duplicated stylesheet and select Edit in

  5. Select an editor of your choice, e.g. TextEdit or TextMate

  6. To adjust the default typography, find the selector defaults and adjust the value of font-size:

    defaults {
    font-family: "Avenir Next"
    font-size: 12pt
    line-height: 24pt
    text-alignment: justified
    hyphenation: yes

    You can also change the font size of all selectors such as headings or footnotes. In this case, find the specific selector (for example heading-1) and adjust it to your liking.

  7. Save the stylesheet (optional: rename it)

  8. Select your customized export style in the export preview