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How Can I Add Custom Text in the Header/Footer (PDF Export)?
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In Ulysses, you can only add the top-level heading or page number to your header or footer. However, what if you need to include the title and author's name in your manuscript?

But don't worry, there is a workaround that allows you to display customized text in the header or footer of your document.

Adding Your Own Text to the Header/Footer

  1. Go to Ulysses › Settings… › Styles (upper right corner)

  2. Choose a style from the PDF/DOCX section, e.g., “Manuscript”

  3. Right-click on the stylesheet and select Duplicate

  4. Open the duplicated stylesheet in an editor of your choice, e.g., TextEdit or TextMate

  5. Look for the selector “document-settings” and add the following paragraph to it: 

    page-number-format: "Individual Text / %p";
    page-number-style: decimal;

  6. Replace the placeholder for “Individual Text” with a text of your choice, e.g., the name of the author and/or the book. In case you don’t want your document to contain page numbers, please delete the “%p” from the section above. 

  7. Afterward, please look for the selector “area-footer“ or “area-header”, respectively, and make sure that the value for “content” is set to “page-number”. You can also adjust the value for “text-alignment” to change the alignment. 

  8. Save the stylesheet (Optional: rename it)

  9. Select your customized export style in the export preview