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How do I export my writing?

On Mac, use the Export button top right in the editor to export the current sheet. In the export preview, you can specify the export settings and switch to the desired format, e.g., PDF or DOCX. You can then use the icons at the top to save your writings to a location of your choice, open them in your favorite application or share them.

On iPhone or iPad, tap the circled ellipsis in the editor and select Export. In the export preview, tap the specified format at the top to select an export format. Then, tap the brush icon to select the export style and paper format. Tap the share icon top right to select an export action.

How do I export the contents of a group or folder?

You can right-click (on Mac) or touch and hold (on iPhone or iPad) on pretty much anything in the sidebars to bring up a context menu that lets you access the export.

I’m missing an exporter to format X!

We are planning on adding more formats and custom exporters in future versions. If you think we should add your preferred format, drop us a line.

I was told you’re also supporting

Yes, we do. When working with External Folders, you can open sheets in Marked via the “Open With” command. When working with iCloud etc., you can send it to Marked using the app icon in the export preview. For more help and info, please visit Marked’s support page.

How can I apply a different Markup?

To change the Markup of a sheet on Mac, please go to Edit (in the menu bar) › “Convert Markup”. Now select the Markup you would like to use. You can convert multiple sheets at once. All newly created sheets will use this Markup until you convert them again. 

On iPhone or iPad, open Ulysses' Editor Settings via the circled ellipsis in the editor and tap Markup.

Will you add support for Fountain, Critic Markup, and others?

Universal markup support is planned for a future release. We probably have most of them on our list already. Please tell us what you need and how you are using it.

I want to learn more about Ulysses Style Sheets.

We'd recommend checking out our Ulysses' Styles & Themes website. There you can download styles created by our community. We have also set up a small introductory page as well as a full-blown reference