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| By is a versatile blogging platform that allows you to share posts, photos, videos, and more with the community. Best of all, you can publish directly from Ulysses to

Add Your Account to Ulysses

First, let’s connect Ulysses with To integrate your account, you need to get an App Token from the Settings page of your account. Once you‘ve got the token, please proceed as follows:

On Mac, open Ulysses’ Preferences, switch to the Accounts tab and click the + icon at the bottom left.

 There, select, paste the App Token into the text field and click “Log In”.

Now, select your preferred style, and you’re done.

On iPhone and iPad, tap the editor menu icon (circled ellipsis), choose Export (1) and switch to Publishing. Now, tap the “Add Account” icon top right (2), select (3), enter the App Token (4) and select “Sign In”.

Your account will sync between all your devices, so you only have to do this once.

Write Your Blog Post

Now, you’re ready to write your first blog post. There are a two things you should keep in mind while doing so:
  • The first heading in your text will become the title of your post.
  • Keywords attached to your sheet will turn into categories if they match categories that are already available on your blog. (Please set new categories in your backend first.)

Publish to

Once you’ve completed a blog post, it’s time to share it with the world.

On Mac, click the Export button or hit the shortcut ⇧⌘P (shift-command-P) and switch the export format to Publishing. Now, select your from the available accounts.

In the Export Preview, click “Publish…” on the top right to review and edit your post’s title and categories. You can also schedule your post from here. If you’re confident with your settings, click Publish.

Published blog posts can be easily identified in the sheet list, as the sheets are marked with a paper plane icon.


On iPhone or iPad, open the editor menu and select Export (1). Then, tap the export format at the top, select Publishing and choose your account (2). Now, tap the paper plane icon top right, review your post’s settings and select Publish (3).

And that’s it! You successfully published, drafted or scheduled your blog post.

Update Your Blog Post

In Ulysses, you can also easily update blog posts that you've previously published in the app.

After you've revised your text, open the Export Preview and select the “Update...” button. Now make sure your settings are correct and select Update to publish the changes.

Alternatively, you can also update your blog post using the “Update Post…” button in the Publishing widget of the dashboard.

This article was last updated on November 10, 2021.

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