Say Goodbye to Mistakes: Antidote

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Antidote is a writing assistance software that, in addition to a corrector, also includes detailed language guides and a set of dictionaries. This comprehensive and useful language tool is available for French and English. Best of all, Antidote now integrates with Ulysses for Mac — a single click of a button will open it in Ulysses.

How to Use the Antidote Corrector With Ulysses

Open Ulysses and move the cursor to the sheet you want to be corrected. All of Antidote’s resources are accessible from the menu bar. Click the Antidote Agent’s icon to open its menu. From the menu, select Corrector. 

Antidote will then open your text in a new window. The corrector flags a variety of errors: from capitalization and subject-verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies. When you click on a highlighted word, you can see the suggested spelling as well as an explanation and the option to correct the spelling. However, please be aware that footnotes, annotations and attachments will not be corrected, and that you can only review one sheet at a time.

Ulysses and Antidote communicate with each other in real time. Therefore, any correction conducted in Antidote will appear immediately in Ulysses and vice versa. 

Antidote Dictionaries and Guides

In addition to the corrector, Antidote also offers dictionaries and guides. To open a dictionary, highlight a word in Ulysses, click the Antidote icon in the menu bar and choose Dictionaries. This allows you to explore a word’s synonyms, antonyms and possible combinations, its etymology and much more.

By choosing the Antidote guides, you will get quick access to clear and detailed descriptions of rules in terms of grammar, style, and many other writing aspects. You can browse through hundreds of articles that will help you write the perfect text.

Get Antidote 

The integration with Ulysses for Mac is a new feature of Antidote 10v3. Antidote 10 for Mac is available via their website for $129.95 for one language (English or French). Upgrades for previous version of Antidote are available from $59. 

This article was last updated on March 4, 2020.

Say Goodbye to Mistakes: Antidote

Learn how to use the writing assistance software Antidote with Ulysses for Mac.